Hello Ridgeway Families,

I am going to use this site as a hub for our distance learning communication for the time being.  Please also refer to the letter that was sent in the homework bin for your student(s).  Here is a brief rundown of each subject and what should be expected each week.  Most videos will be posted to both Google (once available) and YouTube.

Morning Message: posts each day at 6AM (on Google only)

Math: posts each day at 6AM
Power Up - audio/video file of Mental Math, image (on Google only) of Problem Solving, facts on own
Lesson - video file of lesson teching, homework on own

Reading: posts each day at 6AM
Lesson - audio or video file will vary depending on assignment, paper or digital response (on Google only)
Chapters - audio/video file of assigned chapter

Spelling: posts Tuesday at 6AM
Sort - can begin any time, should do daily, the video will post Tuesday to assure you've sorted correctly
Homework - can begin any time either on paper or Spelling City, logins went home in bins
Test - should be done by Friday on paper or Spelling City

Writing: posts Monday at 6AM
Journal - 3 per week
Poetry - video of lesson, written poem

Science: all posted (Google only)
Complete 3 of the tasks for April, hopefully Google will work soon or I will email out the available links, you may complete the paper options at any time starting now

YouTube for the Whitlock Room

Contact: Mrs. Krings