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We are using Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction. This program presents an approach to word study that is student centered, differentiated, and active. Effective word study will provide the students the opportunity for exploration necessary to construct knowledge about letters, sounds, and words over time. The students will progress through the curriculum at their developmental/readiness level.

    The program progresses through five stages of spelling development: Emergent-Early Letter Name; Letter Name; Within Word Pattern; Syllables and Affixes; and Derivational Relations. In small groups the students will develop their knowledge of word lists through picture and word sorts, stories and rhymes, activities and games. Weekly assessments will continue to be a component of this curriculum. 





Mailing Address
35564 County Road 12 Houston, MN 55943
Primary: (507) 454-9566
Secondary: (507) 896-4112
FAX: (507) 454-9567