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Weeknight and Weekend Custodian (PT)

Custodial Staff Positions (PT)
Date of Availability: 8/15/19; Date Closing: Open Until Filled

Ridgeway Community School – is public charter school serving Pre K to 5th grade students in southern Winona County within 20 minutes of Winona, MN and 30 minutes of La Crosse, WI. 

General Nature of Job:  A part-time custodial position is available and . Other part-time positions may be available.  It may also be possible to split this position between two individuals.  Check the Job Posting web page for more information.

  • Floor Scrubber and Rubbish Removal -  This position involves nightly removal of trash and recycling from the school classrooms to the dumpsters on the east side of the parking lot. The person is also responsible for dry mopping and/or vacuuming and using a walk behind auto scrubber to clean the gym and hallway floors each evening after a regular school day and after some special school events.  This position requires lifting and dumping 50+ pound trash and recycling barrels into dumpsters with a clearance over 4 feet. 
  • Weeknight and Weekend Cleaner – This position involves vacuuming and cleaning classrooms, cleaning bathrooms, and cleaning entry vestibules and windows every weekend.  Additional monthly and quarterly cleaning activities will also be assigned.  This position will also be asked to substitute as a weeknight cleaner.    

This positions require record keeping in a timely and accurate manner and a reliable vehicle able to handle rural winter driving conditions to ensure regular attendance.

Hours: The hours for this position is flexible between early evening and early morning hours.  They cleaning must be accomplished within certain parameters. Hours can start after school as early as 4:00 p.m. and must be completed by 7:00 a.m.  and should generally be completed in the evenings. When special events require additional hours overnight..  Position is expected  to be 5 hours per night and 7 hours on the weekends.

Qualifications:  This positions require a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) a strong work ethic and attention to detail.  Preferred – experience as a professional cleaner and basic mechanical abilities are a plus.   

Application Procedures: To apply PLEASE complete PDF application available on the Ridgeway Community School Website: Please include 3 work-related references at least one of which is a supervisor. Email application to, Hiring Committee, Ridgeway Community School, 35564 Winona County Rd. 12, 55943 OR .

Criminal History Report - Ridgeway Community School pays for the Criminal History report and it is required for all positions.

Compensation: Hourly position - $11.92 per hour per hour (see additional compensation information below)

Sick or Personal Paid Days – Employees of Ridgeway Community School working 20 or more hours per week during the school year are entitled to nine sick and personal paid days per year. An employee will become eligible for sick and personal paid days ninety days after their hire date.

Holiday Pay - Employees of the school working 20 or more hours a week for a full school year at the school receive six (6) paid holidays.

Ridgeway Community School offers a ROTH IRA retirement plan that all employees. Plan regulations follow all Federal rules. This plan is an employee contribution only plan.

As a public school all non-licensed personnel are required to contribute to the Public Employees Retirement Association. These plans are employee and employer contribution plans based on the current rates allocated by these associations.

Ridgeway Community School currently does not offer a health insurance or medical plan to any of its employees. All employees are eligible to participate in a 125 tax deferred Flex plan. All employees may choose to select an AFLAC plan.

Ridgeway Community School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has a sixty-day probationary period from the day of hire.

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