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Welcome to
Ridgeway Community School's Visual Arts Program

Two students painting in the art room.
Abby and Julia Steinfeldt circle painting.
Students at Ridgeway Community School explore and express their individual creativity in visual art classes. The art curriculum allows the student to develop an appreciation for Art History, cultural arts, and the elements/principles of art. Emphasis is placed on hands-on learning through a variety of media and art experiences. Along with encouraging children to explore their creativity, children use critical thinking skills to discuss art from differing time periods and countries. The technique of Visual Thinking Strategies facilitates the sharing of ideas and listening to one another as they develop their observation skills and critical thinking skills used throughout our curriculum.  The Art Curriculum is aligned with Minnesota State Standards and National Art Standards to support learning in academic subjects throughout the entire curriculum from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade at Ridgeway Community School.

Children in Kindergarten to 5th Grade have art classes once a week for 30 minutes. This year, art is back in the art classroom on Fridays and is being taught by Ridgeway's first art teacher Mrs. Deb Sobeck!  Mrs. Sobeck taught art at Ridgeway from 2001 until 2007 when she was asked to work full time with the art program at Houston Public Schools, in Housont, MN.  Having recently retired from Houston Public Schools Mrs. Sobeck is back at Ridgeway, helping us keep the art light glowing for our students.  We are very happy to have her back with us!  Please contact Mrs. Sobeck with any questions you may have about what the students are learning about in their art class. 

If you would like to be part of the art making fun, please consider volunteering in the Art Classroom once we are able to have visitors again. We love to have guests and the students love to share and enjoy art with others.

Want to see a behind-the-scenes look into art class and virtual resources for art? Click here to see Ridgeway Art Online.

Interested in seeing your student's artwork? View the art, add comments, and even order merchandise on Artsonia.


Contact: Deb Sobeck, Art Teacher
Mailing Address
35564 County Road 12 Houston, MN 55943
Primary: (507) 454-9566
Secondary: (507) 896-4112
FAX: (507) 454-9567