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What Does Our Phonics and Language Arts Time Look Like This Year?

We will begin our year with a new letter sound every three days and one sight word per week during our phonics time. We will sing songs, play games and do many activities with both the letter and sight word of the week. 

Once we move through each letter of the alphabet, we move into word families. We will focus on one word family each week and bump our sight words up to two words a week. 

Language Arts
Each week, we focus on a new book of the week. The students get a copy of the book to bring back and forth to school and home for the week. We read it each day in class; working on proper reading skills (pointing to each word, reading from left to right and top to bottom). We spend the week doing activities, playing games and learning more about the theme in the book. 

Our Current Skills:
We have learned all 26 letter names and sounds.
We are working on digraphs sh, ch, and th.

We have learned these sight words: the, see, and, like, we, with, my, for, do, that, you, here

We are working on pointing to each word as we listen to and read books together.

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