COVID-19 School Closure Child Care Survey

Preschool and School-Age Childcare
Children of Health Care,  Emergency Workers, and Educators

Under the Governor’s Executive Order 20-20, free childcare for the Preschool to 12 year old children of emergency workers (including providers of healthcare, emergency medical services, long-term and post-acute care; law enforcement personnel; personnel providing correctional services; public health employees; firefighters and other first responders; and court personnel) was outlined. The orders directed schools to provide care to, at a minimum, district-enrolled students aged 12 and under.   Please see the complete list of qualifying jobs and employers below and indicate by returning this survey if you qualify for this childcare and if you would need transportation to get your children to and from school.  Please note that there will be no charge for childcare provided during the regular school day (7:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.) but that you may be charged our regular after school care rates for early drop off (6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.) and “After School Care” (2:15 – 5:30 p.m.)  Please complete the form below by 12 noon of the day before you need childcare.  Before and after school care rates $2.50 per hour, or $1.50 per hour for families who qualify for for Free or Reduced priced meals.


In order to ensure that we are providing for the needs of our students, we are clarifying the work that falls within each of the identified emergency workers categories.

Healthcare personnel include:

      • Personnel needed for direct care and critical administrative staff of the personnel needed for direct care
      • Long-term facility personnel (full-time)
        • Group Homes
        • Residential Homes
        • Nursing Homes
      • Post-acute Care personnel (full-time)
        • Long-term hospital
        • In-patient rehabilitation
        • Home Health
        • Skilled nurses


Emergency Medical Services personnel (full-time)

      • Paramedics
      • EMTs
      • Immediate supervisory staff
      • EMS Operators and dispatchers

Law Enforcement personnel:

      • Full-time Police Officers and their supervisory staff
      • Full-time Sheriffs and their supervisory staff
      • Full-time State Patrol Officers and their supervisory staff
      • 911 Operators and dispatchers their supervisory staff
      • Full-time Investigators (at the discretion of their Agency Chief)
      • Full-time firefighters
      • Paid on call duty crew

Personnel providing Correctional services:


Minnesota Correctional Facility Staff

      • Corrections officers
      • Correctional Lieutenants
      • Correctional Captains
      • Physical plant
      • Correctional facility case managers
      • Correctional facility educators and educational paraprofessionals
      • Wardens
      • Associate wardens
      • Correctional facility office assistants
      • Correctional facility nurses and supervisors
      • Correctional program therapists
      • Correctional facility IT staff
      • Correctional facility Human Resources staff
      • Correctional facility financial services personnel
      • Correctional facility records personnel
      • Correctional facility safety officers

Centralized Correctional Operations Personnel

      • Medical director
      • Director of health services
      • Reentry Services personnel
      • Policy and legal services personnel
      • Offender transportation personnel
      • Centralized records personnel
      • Centralized human resources personnel
      • Investigators - Office of Special Investigations/Professional Accountability
      • Minnesota Department of Corrections personnel assigned to Incident Management Team
      • Minnesota Department of Corrections personnel assigned to Continuity of Operations team
      • Minnesota Department of Corrections government and community relations personnel
      • Minnesota Department of Corrections Hearings and Release Unit personnel
      • Minnesota Department of Corrections Behavioral Health Unit personnel
      • Minnesota Department of Corrections – Communications Unit
      • Minnesota Department of Corrections – Office of Commissioner

Minnesota Correctional Supervision Services

      • State Probation officers and supervisors
      • State Probation agents and supervisors
      • State Supervised release agents and supervisors
      • State intensive supervised release agents and supervisors
      • County Probation officers and supervisors
      • County Probation agents and supervisors
      • County Supervised release agents and supervisors
      • County intensive supervised release agents and supervisors

Public Health employees:

      • State and local public health employees directly supporting the response of COVID-19 and other infectious disease operations
      • State and local public health officials responding to imminent public health threats
      • Newborn health screeners
      • State and local public health lab priority services
      • County Emergency staff and managers supporting COVID-19
      • Emergency Management essential personnel supporting COVID-19

Court Personnel:

      • Full-time Court personnel


      • Employees of public schools that are providing distance learning to students during COVID-19 School Closure.