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Please support the Ridgeway School Gym Floor Renovation Fund!

and help us build a low maintenance floor that will support a wide variety of sports, games and fitness activities

Our Gym Floor Renovation Campaign is raising funds to replace our 50 year old gym (multi-use room) floor with a padded polyurethane sports surface that requires less maintenance, has more cushioning, and has many more built in lines to facilitate the quick implementation of numerous sports and fitness activities.  Our project also includes the purchase and installation of a climbing wall that we would like to locate on the east wall of our gym.  We are already almost half way to our $50,000 campaign goal to  be able to complete this project.  Please consider a year-end donation to support the creation of a new floor that will be enjoyed by students, families, and community members for many years to come!  For more information about the renovation project click here.
Tax deduct able, secure on-line donations can be made with your credit card by clicking here: GIVE-MN.ORG.
Or you can mail your contribution to Ridgeway Community School, 35564 Winona County Rd 12, Houston, MN 55943. Receipts will be mailed to all who donate by check or credit card. Donations can be made:
* In recognition of this vital community resource,
* Anonymously,
* In memory or in honor of a relative or friend,
* In honor of someone who was instrumental in your life, or
* On behalf of your business or community association.
We also welcome pledges of financial resources or other assets. Thank you for your support!
Ridgeway Community School is almost half way to our $50,000 goal to support the replacement of our 50+ year old gym floor with a padded polyurethane sports surface designed to provide years of low maintenance student and community fitness opportunities.  The replacement floor will have many more built-in lines that will greatly enhance the variety of sports and games that can be easily played on the surface.  Your tax deduct able donation will support school and community wellness for generations to come.  Find out more about our project in the description below.