Ridgeway Community School Board Members
2021-22 School Year

Ridgeway Community School’s seven-member board of directors is a teacher majority board comprised of four teachers, two parents, and a community member (see list below). The board is elected to two year terms by the school’s parents/guardians and staff at the annual meeting which is typically held on the first Thursday of May.  On May 6, 2021 two teachers. a parent, and community representative were all elected to the board. 

The RCS board meets once every month with committee meetings being held in between the regular board meetings to accomplish tasks and make recommendations to the board for final action.  The board regularly reviews student academic progress and receives updates presented by the lead teachers, school coordinator, and business manager.  The assessment results and educational program plans are the basis for the academic and non-academic strategic goals.  The board has five committees which meet regularly and include board, parent, and community members.  These boards are: board governance, finance, personnel, policy, and wellness. 

Rhonda Anderson

Photo of Rhonda AndersonBoard Member - Teacher Representative - Serving on the Personnel and Policy Committees

Mrs. Anderson has been a teacher at Ridgeway Community School for 16 years.  She was the school's first preschool teacher for two years before continuing on to teaching one of the school's fourth and fifth grade multi-age classes.  She teaches reading and language arts to her 4th and 5th grade class, math to all the school's 5th graders and social studies to all of the 4th and 5th grade students.   Rhonda has served as one of the school's co-lead teachers for 14 years and served on the Educational Leadership Team and oversees the school's Title programs.  She aslo serves on the board's Personnel and Policy Committees.  Rhonda and her husband have four adult children and two grandchildren and live in Pickwick, Minnesota.

Term dates: 6/1/20 to 5/31/22

Samantha Conway

Samantha Conway PhotoBoard Chair - Teacher Represetative - Board Governance Committee Member

Mrs. Conway has been the special education teacher at Ridgeway Community School and has served on the Educational Leadership Team for thirteen years.  She also oversees the school's intervention (RISE) program and  is serving in her third term on the Ridgeway Community School Board of Directors. Mrs. Conway serves as the chairperson of the Ridgeway Community School board and also serves on the Board Governance Committee. She and her husband have a preschool-aged daughter.  
Note:  Samantha Conway is not related to Jennifer Conway who also serves on the board.

Term dates: 6/1/19 to 5/31/21

Jennifer Krings

Photo of Jennifer KringsBoard Treasurer - Teacher Representative - Serving on the Finance and Personnel Committees

Mrs. Krings is in her fourteenth year as a fourth and fifth grade teacher at Ridgeway Community School.  Her responsibilities include teaching 4th grade math and science to all of the 4th and 5th grade students as well as reading and language arts to her 4th and 5th grade class.  In addition to her teaching responsibilities Jennifer also serves as the school's Co-Lead Teacher and Assessment Coordinator.  She is also a member of the Educational Leadership Team and serves on the board's Personnel and Finance Committees.  Mrs. Krings and her husband have two sons, a 4th grader and kindergartener attending Ridgeway Community School. 

Term Dates: 6/1/19 to 5/31/21


Tessa Loken

Photo of Tessa LokenVice Chairperson - Parent Representative

Tessa in her second year on the RCS Board and is serving on the board's Personnel Committee.  She has a first and third grader attending Ridgeway Community School.  Tessa has valuable insights into wellness and community-based programs as she has been an Adult Mental Health Case Manager with Winona County Community Services and has been working in the Winona area for over eleven years.  Tessa lives in the Ridgeway area with her husband and two daughters.  

Term dates: 6/1/20 to 5/31/22

Maggie McDermott

Photo of Maggie McDermottBoard Member - Parent Representative - Serving on the Wellness Committee
Following the resignation of parent Board member Jennifer Conway, the RCS board appointed Ms. McDermott to fill the parent position on the board through the until a parent board member can be elected to fill out Jennifer's term at the schools May 13, 2022 board elections. Maggie served as a parent board member on the RCS board from 6/1/2015 to 5/31/19.  During her time on the board she participated in the three mandatory board trainings.  Ms. McDermott has been involved in Ridgeway Community school since her son began attending the school in 2013.  She currently has a daughter in first grade.  Maggie is a Business professor at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and does consulting for area non-profits.  She also sits on the Mayo Health Systems Community Advisory Board and has volunteered with the Children's Museum of La Crosse.  

Sarah Meyer

Sarah Meyer

Photo of Mrs. MeyerSecretary - Teacher Representative - Board Governance and Wellness Committee Member

Mrs. Meyer has been a second and third grade teacher at Ridgeway Community School and has served on the Educational Leadership Team for eleven years. She is serving in her third term on the Ridgeway Community School Board of Directors. Mrs. Meyer also serves on the school’s Wellness Committee. She and her husband have two school-aged children.
Term dates: 7/1/21 – 6/30/22

Kelly Wooden

Photo of Kelly WoodenBoard Member - Community Representative - Serving on the Wellness Committee

Kelly Wooden is in her first year on the RCS board of directors.  She is the parent of three teenage boys, all of whom attended Ridgeway Community School.  While a parent of RCS students Kelly was the co-chairperson of Ridgeway's parent support organization RPAC and managed the school's scholastic book fair for a number of years.  She also volunteered with a number of our after school clubs while her children were attending RCS.  Kelly works as a paralega at Brosnahan Law Firm in Winona.  

Term dates: 6/1/20 to 5/31/22