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RCS Physical Education Program

       Our Physical Education program at Ridgeway Community School provides 30 minutes of Physical Education every day of the week for Kindergarten through 5th grade students.  Our P.E. curriculum follows the Minnesota and National Physical Education standards.

       During Physical Education, our students experience a variety of different units including: Nordic skiing/snowshoeing, archery (4th and 5th grade only), rock climbing wall, fitness, geocaching/orienteering, cooperative games, individual/team sports, manipulative games (parachute, cup-stacking, scooters, jump rope, etc.), tag and flee activities, dance and rhythm, tumbling/gymnastics, indoor/outdoor recreational sports, and games from around the world. 

       The expectations for our students in PE are to be B-L-U-E  J-A-Y-S:
Believe in Yourself
Listen and Follow Directions
Unite as a Team
Encourage Each Other

Just Do It
Act Safely
You are in Charge of You
Show Sportsmanship 
       If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Contact: Dusty Larson
Mailing Address
35564 County Road 12 Houston, MN 55943
Primary: (507) 454-9566
Secondary: (507) 896-4112
FAX: (507) 454-9567