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Ridgeway Community School Policies

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Ridgeway Community School operates according to numerous board and administrative policies which are aligned to state and federal laws.  Other policies and procedures are developed by the school administration and board to meet the needs of our school community.  Some of the policies most frequently referenced by parents, staff and community members are listed on this page. To see a complete list of Ridgeway Community School Board Policies please click on this link.  

If you have any questions about Ridgeway Community School Policies or procedures please contact Ridgeway Community School Coordinator Jodi Dansingburg at or Ridgeway Community School Board Chairperson, Samantha Conway at


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Parent Student Handbook
Click on the link to see a copy of the current Parent-Student Handbook.
RCS Student Attendance Policy
Click on the link to see the RCS student attendance policy.
Restrictive Procedures Plan
Ridgeway Community School's restrictive procedures plan for the 2021-22 school year. The plan was developed under the guidance of the school's special education director provided under contract with Hiawatha Valley Education District. This restrictive procedures plan for children with disabilities that includes the following:
(1) Lists the restrictive procedures the school intends to use;
(2) Describes how the school will implement a range of positive behavior strategies and provide links to mental health services;
(3) Describes how the school will monitor and review the use of restrictive procedures,
Annual Parent Notificiations
Minnesota Statute requires we provide annual notification to parents of Ridgeway Community School students on Indoor Air Quality, AHERA Asbestos, and Pesticides. Please click on the link to the right to see these notifictions. If you have questions about any of these notifications lease use the contact number found in the notice.
School Wellness Policy
The Ridgeway Communit School Wellness Policy
Pupil Fair Dismissal Act
Click on the link to see a summary of the MN Pupil Fair Dismissal Act.

Mailing Address
35564 County Road 12 Houston, MN 55943
Primary: (507) 454-9566
Secondary: (507) 896-4112
FAX: (507) 454-9567